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                  SE TESTSYSTEMS CO., LTD.  
                NEW MODEL-9305S
                Auto Three Axes (XYZ) Load Tester

                For all kinds of compression tests. Coordinates setting , automatic stroke test , and value storage.

                Detailed Introduction
                NEW MODEL-1220S
                Auto Inserting Pulling Force (Tension, Compression) Tester

                Inserting and pulling force test for all kinds of connectors. Windows software operation. Also for general tension and compression tests.

                Detailed Introduction
                NEW MODEL-9106S
                PogoPin test machine
                This machine is suitable for automatically testing the dynamic curve of the probe and automatically calculating the elastic force, displacement and impedance of the probe.
                Detailed Introduction
                NEW MODEL-2205S
                Automatic torsion testing machine

                It is suitable for the related torque test of various products.

                Detailed Introduction


                ¡¡Products List For Each Industry 
                Cell phone¡¢PDA
                LCD Monitor
                Digital Camera
                Pivot Factories
                Connectors and Related Industrials
                FPC CABLE
                Rubber and Plastic Industrials
                LCD Touch Panels
                ¡¡Contact Us 
                Taiwan-Taipei-Head Office
                  HOT NEWS
                ¡¡Aug.20.2010¡¡¡¡New model-2323S Auto Three Hinges Torque Tester
                ¡¡Jun.18.2010¡¡¡¡New model-0630 Torque Tester
                ¡¡May.10.2010¡¡¡¡Main produced Model-1220S Auto Inserting / Pulling (Tension / Compression) Force Tester
                ¡¡Mar.18.2010¡¡¡¡Model-5102 Push-Key Load Durability Tester



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